We are thinkers, and we love to solve problems.

We are not your average corporate, looking to earn a quick buck, we are a group of thinkers, problem solvers. We don’t just provide products, we provide solutions.


We provide solutions. From small startups to larger companies, from schools to hospitality and education sectors, we help mechanize daily based tasks to make things easy and maintainable.

We offer Mobile Applications

We design applications for mobile platforms, ranging from Apps related to productivity to casual fun.

We offer Web Design and Web Portals

We can help design your next blog, or create an online portal to cater to your requirement. Be that front end or backend, we ensure and provide full services.

We offer CMS and Cloud Services

Be that content management at your end, local or cloud based, we are here to help manage your content apart from that we also provide Cloud Services as well.


We help enriching your Digital Experience

We are a passionate bunch, hellbent on providing top-notch services at affordable costs, while keeping a keen eye on providing the best user experience and unfaltering support, whenever you need it.

We Reduced Your

Application Cost
Maintainance Cost
Server Cost


All Kind of Applications and Services

Java Based Applications

We currently build Java based Applications, with future plans to extend into other channels.


We provide CMS support. Whether you are a business or an amateur blogger, we are here to help manage your content for you

Cloud Service

In this digital age where everything is computerized and cloud based, we promise to offer a seamless service in regards to cloud computing, solving any and all of your problems

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